List of Insurance Products

  1. LOAN PROTECTION PLAN (Creditors Life Insurance with Total and Permanent Disability Income Benefit) – The plan protects the loan of each individual member-borrower. The amount of insurance is equivalent to the amount of loan.
  2. FIDELITY GUARANTEES INSURANCE – An insurance against loss of money as the result by dishonesty of cashiers and/or collectors.
    • MSPR Inside Premises – insurance against loss of Money and Securities as the result of robbery or any attempt thereat occurring within the premises, or as the result of theft following upon violent and forcible exit from the premises or any attempt thereat.
    • MSPR Outside Premises – insurance against loss by robbery from or brigandage against a Collector occurring outside the premises of Money and securities in the personal charge of a Collector in transit on a Money Route.
  4. GROUP ACCIDENT INSURANCE (Value of the P 5.00 Annual Dues Remittance)
    • The member is insured for:
      • P 10,000.00 accident insurance if qualified member has an existing loan, also insured with League’s LPP, when unexpected accident happens; and
      • P 5,000.00 accident insurance if qualified member has no existing loan with the cooperative when unexpected accident happens.
    • NOTE: Annual Dues/List of Members paid and submitted by primary member-coops is the basis of insurance coverage.
  5. GROUP YEARLY RENEWABLE TERM (GRYT) WITH ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT (ADD) OR DAMAYAN – This is lifetime coverage on a one-year term basis providing for death and disability benefit, subject to renewal on an annual basis on the anniversary of the master policy. It is a twenty-four hour, 365 days a year coverage against death due to any cause, accident or sickness, worldwide in the course of business or pleasure.
  6. SURETY BOND – CDA requirement for issuance of CGS/COC
  7. BUILDING and VEHICLE INSURANCE (Comprehensive and with Acts of God)
  9. OTHERS (as requested by member-cooperatives)

NOTE: Lots of amazing and worthy prizes, as well as rare benefits, are offered to all participating member-cooperatives.

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