Trainings and Seminars

The following are some of the current seminars and trainings offered and conducted by the League, in partnership with our affiliations, PFCCO and ACCU, that are greatly recommended and a must to undertake by all primary cooperatives and its officers to analyze and assess the current status of their own primary cooperative, as well as performances of Officers, Management, and Staff.

  • Credit Union Directors Competency Course (CUDCC)
  • Credit Union Chief Executive Officers Competency Course (CUCCC)
  • Professionalization Program for Credit Cooperatives and Other Types of Cooperatives with Savings and Credit Services in the Philippines
  • ACCESS Branding
  • Financial Literacy
  • Credit Management Course
    • Effective Management of Credit Facilities
    • Credit Investigation and Collateral Appraisal/Documentation
    • Loan Delinquency Prevention and Effective Collection Strategies
  • Personnel and Customer Care
  • Conflict Management
  • Cooperative Good Governance
  • CUDCC / CUCCC Project Compliance Learning Activity
  • Effective Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors
  • Financial Reading/Analysis (PESOS)
  • How to Conduct a Board Meeting / Functional Board Secretary
  • Human Resource Management
    • How to Keep Good Employees
    • How to Handle Problem Employees
  • RA 9520 and its IRR Orientation
  • Risk Management
  • SCA / CAPR Orientation
  • CDA / BIR / Labor Updates
  • Strategic Planning (Budgeting/Action Plan)
  • Teambuilding Activity
  • Values Formation and Personality Development
  • Basic Bookkeeping / Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • CDA Mandated Trainings
    • Fundamental of Cooperatives (16 hours)
    • Cooperative Management and Governance (16 hours)
    • Credit, Financial and Risk Management (16 hours)

NOTE: Seminar Speakers and Facilitators may come from the Pool of Trainers of National Training Institute, PCEDO, PFCCO, and other linkages from government and non-government organizations.

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